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2018 Election in Gods hand

Election getting Close- Money isn’t the Answer

Never seen an election like 2018. The media has been bashing #Trump since day one on Russia, sex, and what ever else they can dream up. They are saturating the airwaves and internet about the blue wave. Here in Nevada the battle has saturated local media with sex and lies, nothing at all about the issues. I keep hearing from the R and D parties they need money. But I don’t see much reason to give my money. I don’t belong to either because of this crap. I will vote to continue the trump agenda in November. Let my vote count to that. I am thoroughly convince that God got Trump in the last time and we all have seen how the country was on a path where we were about to loose our sovereignty, freedom as a nation and total removal of the Christian faith values. So I am depending on God to move forward based on his plan for the nation. That may be a continuation of the demise of America. We Americans need to ask God to save this Great nation. But if the Trump agenda can’t be seen by Americans because of the media brain washing then our only hope is God’s mercy. Pray for Donald Trump’s Administration that can cure the deep corruption and that our Congress can have more Christian leaders. In any case money is the answer in this election, God is! Much to be thankful for and much to Pray for in America. Don’t need a Red Wave, but the right people to do the job right. #InGodWeTrust.

Websites stealing Americans money

The site because appears to be an official site of something, but right from it title and front page ready to steal American’s money and do nothing for it. No ascertained policies or reasons why, just give me your money.

Just seen a website, WWW.SENATEMAJORITY.COM. Need to be aware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Name means nothing.

Front Page lacking;

Solely dedicated to building a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate.

Not a single American value promoted. The democrats are so far off course they don’t even suggest what they can do for Americans. Just power hungry and still mad at Donald Trump and the Americans that elected him.

  • New Ad: Kevin Cramer Doesn’t Look Out For North Dakota
  • New Ad: You Can’t Clean Up Jefferson City With Josh Hawley Still In It
  • New Ad: Mike Braun’s Blue Shirt Can’t Hide His Record Of Mistreating Workers
  • ICYMI: Tampa Bay Times – Rick Scott’s outsider image as Senate candidate clashes with Florida reality
  • Senate Majority PAC and Priorities USA Action Launch $1 Million Digital Ad Campaign Informing Voters About Mike Braun’s History of Shady Business and Worker Exploitation
  • Senate Majority PAC and Priorities USA Action Launch $600,000 Digital Ad Campaign on Bill Nelson’s Record of Delivering for Florida
  • On and On

What does any of this do for America. No agenda, just useless words pictures and videos. There is nothing of what they can do for Americans. No Goals or thoughts on what they can do for America.

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