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Case for Sedition against America

Gregg Jarrett Russia Hoax

Gregg Jarrett’s Book “Russia Hoax”

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Exhaustively researched-Neil Cavuto on Russian Witch Hunt

Wikipedia says;

Gregory Walter “Gregg” Jarrett (born April 7, 1955) is an American news anchor, author, and attorney. He joined the Fox News Channel in November 2002, after working over ten years for local NBC and ABC TV stations, as well as national networks Court TV and MSNBC….

Prior to Court TV, Jarrett worked for a number of local stations. including KCSM-TV in San Francisco, California; WMDT-TV in Salisbury, Maryland; WKFT-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina and KSNW-TV in Wichita, Kansas. While at KSNW, he received a Heartland Emmy Award for the “Turnpike Tornado” news segment….

The Russia Hoax

In 2018, Jarrett published the book The Russia Hoax which alleges that “Hillary Clinton’s deep state collaborators in government” engaged in “nefarious actions” to protect Clinton and undermine Trump. The book was an Amazon and New York Times best-seller. President Trump praised the book in a tweet. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the book “amounts to 286 pages of recapping every single bad thing the Clintons have ever been accused of doing (Uranium One is, again, mentioned dozens of times.)… The idea that the Clinton email investigation could be dropped, and the Russia investigation taken up just a few months later isn’t seen as coincidence, but conspiracy, a bit of revenge enacted by an intelligence community full of Clinton fans.” In a review for The Washington Post, Carlos Lozada described the book as a Trump hagiography. PolitiFact rated a number of claims made in Jarrett’s book as false, misleading and unsubstantiated…

One must be careful of Wikipedia information- can be biased heavily . Must be a CNN source. Gregg Jarrett maybe pro Trump, but long before that, he was conservative on many American issues and his book the Russia Hoax is very convincing to a point I call what the Democrat Leadership role is a form of  Sedition against every American, even most democrats rank and file. The last  2 years, we have seen an orchestrated effort to take down this Presidency by ranking players in the democrat party with the media working to help fulfill that plan.  This website is dedicated to presenting those issues.

There is much to comment in Gregg’s book “Russia Hoax“, much of it I have already expounded on here at This will be an evolving post, return each week to see more. So all who see this read book!

Ben Garrison has another cartoon that is light heartedly appropo to this subject that I want to included. Be sure to check out his site too

America under Dems
America under Dems

Amazon books by Gregg Jarrett

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