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Pray4 USA Today News

Pray USA Today News

America and the Cross #Pray4USA2Day

2020 will be America Up or Down

2020 will be America Up or Down- God’s Plans For the last 7 years I have said on this blog and that 2020 is the point at which America will return to the values that once made America Great or we will turn against those values that sustains us as being the greatest nation […]

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need a laugh

Need a laugh

Need a laugh The last 48 hours for conservatives: — Benny (@bennyjohnson) February 3, 2019 Hits: 135

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Story of infanticide

legalization of infanticide

We are a sick nation and the silence from churches in America will not go un-noticed by God. I for one am rethinking my travel to avoid state that promote infanticide.

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Wobbly Voters

Good to here someone else say this. Articles are all over this site and

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Tom Fitton

JW the real Law and Order

JW – Judicial Watch Watching over American Law This is the real JW in America. Each day Tom’s team inches toward the truth, hold our government accountable. Everything from Robert Mueller the Clintons, and the Obama Administration. If there is a there in the Trump administration he will find it too. The efforts his organization […]

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14th Amendment Not so clear

So appears that original intend was ignored by the case in 1898 by Supreme court. Below is an image of newspaper article The Congressional Globe where this subject was discussed by Senator Jacob Howard. If you read further there where other excepts discussed. Certainly leaving the door open as not being absolute.

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USA and In God “we” Trust

This election will decide whether we are to be “IN GOD WE Trust” of “in god we trust”.

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Brett Kavanaugh kangaroo_court


I love it #MobRuleDemocrats are now getting a taste of #politically- what it means to go too far.

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2018 LOL

Humor beyond the Dem’s ads Greg Gutfeld will keep you LOL and not listening to Democrat ads for 2018 Election.1000 laughs. Put his name in at and turn off TV    Hits: 215

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Melania Trump vs ABC

Melania Trump vs ABC

“I’m a mother and a first lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do,” Trump said in a clip of an interview set to air Friday on “Good Morning America,” when she was asked whether President Donald Trump’s alleged infidelities have put a strain on their marriage.
“It is not concern and focus of mine,” she added.

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