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Gregg Jarrett Russia Hoax

Case for Sedition against America

There is much to comment in Gregg Jarrett’s book “Russia Hoax”, much of it I have already expounded on here at This will be an evolving post, return each week to see more.So all who see this read book!

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Polls -humbug

This poll is unique in that if you click on the link. you will receive the most current poll. The numbers are based on the last 5 days of a continuous poll. Also you must read carefully to see correct view. Even when polls are directly in front of you the meaning is unclear.

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Brett Kavanaugh kangaroo_court

New Low in Congress

By the end of Thursday two people’s live were destroyed because of the greed of Political Power. So in one week we will know no more than we do now when the FBI finishes the extended investigation.

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trump train still a rough ride

Why Trump Agenda!

Vote for Trump Agenda. Leader McConnell tweet on Judge Kavanagh
Democrats have perpetuated false, unfair and unfounded attacks on Judge Kavanaugh

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Trump in Vegas

President Donald Trump did a very moving rally for the Republicans and especially Dean Heller. He is in very close race Jacky Rosen, a Democrat.

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2018 Election in Gods hand

We Americans need to ask God to save this Great nation. But if the Trump agenda can’t be seen by Americans because of the media brain washing then our only hope is God’s mercy. Pray for Donald Trump’s Administration that can cure the deep corruption and that our Congress can have more Christian leaders. In any case money is the answer in this election, God is! Much to be thankful for and much to Pray for in America. Don’t need a Red Wave, but the right people to do the job right.

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Constitution Day 2018

Constitution day in America. We celebrate the founding documents of America, on a day when our country is tested by the #BrettKavanaugh senate hearings. for our next Supreme Court Justice.

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9/11 Remembered Viet Nam Forgotten

It is good to see as a nation we honor the people who died at #9/11. But don’t forget those of the Viet Nam war and others wars too. Many of them still fight to live each day. Each day I am reminded by the unsung hero’s of Viet Nam.

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Finally President Speaks about Google

I have waited for this news for 10 years. Someone in Government has finally said that the First Amendment means something in America and Corporations through there data control cannot stifle free speech for the purpose of redirecting political thought of our country. Just in case twitter blocks the president. Also view Tucker Carlson’s Tweet on Facebook and Google.

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General Flynn

General Flynn Disaster

General Flynn is an honorable man caught in a power struggle that has little to do with him, but everything to do with America. If Trump looses 2018 election, and politics being politics, Flynn could loose a chance to be free again. But the people prosecuting the war against Trump are the kind of people make up the deep state.
There is an excellent article on General Flynn at Conservative Review by Jordan Schachtel

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