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Constitution Day 2018

2018’s Constitutional Day

Today is the American day we recognize our Constitution.

Paul Ryan did a video that says everything that needs to be said on twitter for #constitutionday Rand Paul also tweeted a comment below

Rand Paul’s tweet for #ConstitutionDay

Rand Paul points out the most important purpose of our constitution.

The Testing of Our Contitution

Then we have the testing of constitutional government in the Senate hearings for #BrettKavanaugh to be our next Supreme Court Judge.

Lindsey Graham has a great question to the credibility of Mrs Ford.

Here is a photo, links and info #BrettKavanaugh that shows double standard.

To Show the Irony of today – Ben says it best

3 Rs
3 Rs

More Reading on our Founding Documents

We have several links to pages at this site for reading

US Constitution

US Bill of Rights

Bradford Journal

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