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Corona Gate

God country

Corona Gate is on the horizon

The next witch hunt to come is Corona Gate or some facsimile of that. #Coronagate) Dems are busy setting up the next hoax (#coronavirushoax)

The media is jumping on board with all of the news this morning very negative on Trump and his efforts to control this virus. Personally I think he has done far more to unit Americans. I watched the only 2 Air channel for a few minutes and was so negative that I switched to online. CBS News with Gail King was sick and did nothing to help America. NBC News was NBC News. I didn’t expect much and they delivered garbage on Que.

So much for fake news. So prepare for the on slot of garbage (#fakenews). On Twitter the hashtags are busy. Trump Sickos are rampeded and looking for another round to take trump out.

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