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Death- Lack of hope

Hope and No Hope

There are two kinds of death. Physical death with the knowledge that you are in the book of life. The other, murder and suicide, resulting from lack of hope. Lots of talk about the latter these days and lack of talk about hope. America has slowly blocked hope and the will to live by ending tradition that has made this nation great. There is a power group in America that wants anything God removed from our society and block any reference of values that were true since the founding of our nation. The moral absolutes are falling away replaced by so-called social norms based on whims of feelings.  Christian values are being pushed into a closet.

God and Country

God and Country has changed to country and god. There is blessing that I know God has removed from us. Our bickering and fighting is one example. Abortion is blocking many blessing. The constant hammering and assaulting of the Christian faith is another. The destruction of values that we have held in the nation in family and business. Today families with Christian values are attacked regularly. And a new one where corporations try to stifle free thought. And out rightly admit to blocking people and websites of faith.

Mega Internet Corps

As a country, these mega internet corps are trying to control our thinking, our government and others. They have found a way to beat free press laws and circumvent the constitution by being a private corporation. There world domination is evident is many countries. I am hoping the courts will do something. Congress is so divided that this kind of issue won’t regulated as the Europeans. Too much money. President Trump has done more to get us back on track than we have seen since Reagan. But the track is badly damaged and derailment is possible any time.


So in ending this, everything good is from God and faith and hope both are badly needed for this country to stay on the rails. But I do believe, in spite of what happens Gods will, will be done. It is exciting to hear about South Korea, China, and Africa where his will is being done and the sad part, America is not a part of it.

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