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Free Certs are Complicated and Costly

Free Certs are Complicated and Costly

Free Internet is Gone. IETF has made a nightmare out of our free internet. I use Comodo Free certs with my blogs on Bluehost. It stinks! My sites have been down for almost a month resolving this issue.

Social Media Freeway-Ben Garrison
Social Media Freeway-Ben Garrison
Social Media Freeway
Social Media Freeway-Ben Garrison

Really they weren’t down, but because my certs weren’t current the new browsers blocked traffic from seeing them. In the last 6 month while using Comodo certs, my site have been down more than anytime over the last 10 years. Every three month I have to go through a renewal process for all 10 of hosted websites. While the renew is occurring, my sites are down. Nothing free about it. Hours of wasted time. Another IETF nightmare ruling or inability to control!!! From what I can see as a webmaster,  rulings made by IETF are not to maintain a free internet. but product catered to Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter and hosting companies. They are making the cost of free internet so high and complicated that only the rich can build on it. And there is no compensation from the companies mentioned above using our data and information to literally control our thoughts and how we use the internet. In fact the companies above have attempted to manipulate our elections and are still trying to take down a sitting President. They say one thing politically and lie to our faces doing another thing.

Not all free certs are the same, Letsencrypt works fine for me. No problems after using it for a year. Hope to move all my sites to them in the future when I can afford it. Like I said no free internet.

We know how filtering is done against religious beliefs and political beliefs and our government is complicit in this by doing nothing. The internet needs over site, not by other companies but by governments that represent us and our values. Our freedoms in America are not freedoms in China or other 3 block countries. The internet is not a cum-bi-ya  station for the world. It is an asset built by American for American. An American asset that need to be brought under control by our laws, but not at the cost of Americans who built it. Our nation, not the world, has been built on the free exchange of Ideas among Americans. I am not saying other can’t participate in the exchange.But not at the cost of shutting out Americans. Today the internet is building a class system never seen before. Includes the PC correct crowd only and filters out the rest.

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for can be a nightmare or an easy thing to do. and are winners.

We need tools that balance internet usage and allows for freedom of speech.

  1. First and foremost a free unfiltered and untraceable search engine.
  2. A browser open to all content. No filtering except for harmful content.
  3. Guideline, even laws, by American for Americans that protect Americans and hold to American values. Not IETF.
  4. Balanced cost of usage. Security ought to be paid for by companies listed above.
  5. We need to elect people who are savvy to what an internet is. Lots of brain dead people in Congress.
  6. I had this site on a PC using VM and WordPress Turnkey Linux. I moved it to a dedicated server with Turnkey Linux and WordPress. Had to get host configured and came up in less than a day. Letsencrypt worked fine once correction noted in Forum at Turnkey Linux was done. (file update)Both TurnkeyLinux with WordPress and Letsencrypt performed perfect unlike Comodo and Bluehost!

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  1. As a webmaster, I am sick of big companies forcing new rules on webmaster for the sake of their profits. Letsencrypt is an attempt to circumvent the norm by doing something good for all. But there are many hosting companies that would rather steel a webmasters account and really have little need for those of us building websites. To this day I haven’t found a single one offering free certs that work. See my site

  2. As a webmaster, I find it harder and harder to build sites for free speech. I have attempted to follow Googles 900 rules, Twitter and Facebook’s is PC policies. But no matter what I do rankings stink and traffic from these sources is none existent.

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