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General Flynn Disaster

General Flynn

Deep State is fully Responsible for Flynn Disaster

If you don’t know by now who the Deep State is, then look in the mirror, you are probably one of them. This group has politically sabotaged half of America for the sake of so called World Order agenda. You have screwed your fellow American for the sake things like political correctness, gender identity, and animal suffering and much more useless gibberish .

General Flynn Bucked the system in the Obama administration and was setup for sacrifice by Political hacks in our highest places in the Obama Government. As we have seen through Congressional Committees, Firings by Trump Admin and FBI, most everyone that had a political position some higher position below Political hacks form this deep state to destroy Donald Trump. Mueller is making criminal out of everyone associated with Trump using some very unethical methods. His mandate is so broad that if the same investigations were applied to congress and the rest of Washington DC, the town would become a ghost town and prisons would be over filled.

I am not saying Trump is an angel. He is not, He is the right person for this corrupt era and the Deep State has no room for judging everyone associated with Trump. The man has without any help from most of DC turned this country’s direction to the most positive since the Ronald Reagan Era. Its amazing, the deep state was there then too.  So in Politics what goes around, comes around. But this time its much great because there are a group of people “deep state people” that I believe committed treason and were ready to takeover America to make us apart of the EU or start of World Order. This isn’t just floating to the left. This was to destroy America and it has been for over 200 years. What we have seen is the ground work for destroying our Legal system, Constitution, and our form of Government.

What is sad , it may happen yet. 2018 is pivotal, not only for the election, but for the direction we are going in. The Left isn’t just a faction, its a movement to do away with America all together. People out here in the west minus the coast of lefties are very direct if deep state destroys the Trump movement and its not pretty.

General Flynn is an honorable man caught in a power struggle that has little to do with him, but everything to do with America. If Trump looses 2018 election, and politics being politics, Flynn could loose a chance to be free again. But the people prosecuting the war against Trump are the kind of people make up the deep state.

There is an excellent article on General Flynn at Conservative Review by Jordan Schachtel

There’s a reason why you haven’t heard much from Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn lately. The man who served his country honorably for 33 years has been effectively silenced by special counsel Robert Mueller as he awaits sentencing.

Given the circumstances of his plea deal, Flynn cannot speak publicly about anything related to the charges against him. Doing so could void his plea agreement with Mueller’s team and open him up to further legal proceedings that he is financially unable to defend himself against.

You can see more at lawfareblog ,and Politicol

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