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God and Country

Where does God and Country stand in America?

How is Trump helping America?

This is a good question. As I have said before, Trump has many flaws. But one thing for certain, he is changing the direction of our nation. And I think that’s positive. We are doing much better. The values that we Christians hold based on biblical teachings is once again in the forefront of what we do as a country here in America. But we have a lot of prayer and soul searching to do because we have only changed direction. The acts of previous administrations allowed attacks on christian values daily and really destroyed the fabric of past American values. We need a revival to commit to our christian values and hold up our Constitution. We need to get back into God’s plan for our lives personally as well as a nation under one God.

Our support of Israel is critical to being in Gods plan for the world. Our personal believe in God must be strong.  I personally believe in our lord Jesus Christ and have accepted him as my Lord and Savior.

Will the soul of America turn back to God?

Trump is helping America to get back on course, and I for one see God moving through him to steer us back to “In God we Trust”. But it is the American People that need soul searching. PRY4DJT and PRY4USA.



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