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Today we have seen the left meltdown again. They are moving with there known effort of sedition since the start of the election against @potus and now are at a fever pitch to overthrow this President. Many say I am extreme when I say if Trump didn’t win, America would be gone.   Our values “In God we Trust” and our constitution would be gone or watered down so much that survivability was very limited.

God country
God country

We as American would no longer be. We would become an extended arm of the EU and controlled by the UN. WWW. The World Wide Web is the best example of what the media giants had in mind. A total socialist utopia with no meaning, No God, very little Laws of Conscience.  Steve Bannon was right about not going to be easy. The takeover was well underway when Trump upset the applecart.

Socialist Left
Socialist Left

Today we all are seeing for our selves the Dark Deep Swamp that was weaved against the American people. Where special rights are given out the anyone disenfranchising our American rights we have had since America’s inception. Religious Liberty and Freedom has been our guiding light, now is taking a back seat to the point where we were becoming a 3rd world in education, employment, and standing.

Thank God for Trump. He is turning things around give direction to our standing in the world, bringing back  the business world, and redirecting us back to religious liberty and freedom, making us proud to be an American.

But the democrats are now the far far left and are showing there colors clearly these days. They are not the stars and stripes, but an undefine blue white and red. This extreme left position is sedition and I hope there is a balance America can reach, but they are on the edge of that cliff of no return, and we Americans won’t give up long standing principles to reach out and pull them back.

So the treason isn’t Trump. Its the sedition to overthrow this president.


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