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legalization of infanticide

Story of infanticide

legalization of infanticide

America’s downward spiral to become the most corrupt society this world has ever seen is happening before our eyes. These states of Alaska, Colorado, Washington DC, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, and now New York and next Virginia. We are a sick nation and the silence from churches in America will not go un-noticed by God. I for one am rethinking my travel to avoid state that promote infanticide.

What I’m about to tell you is extremely important to me. It represents the worst cultural shift that I’ve witnessed in this country…I’m talking about the legalization of infanticide or put it in layman’s terms. Absolution for the intentional killing of full term babies. Jeanino Pirro Foxnews

These states need to know where they stand in America
We must stand strong for God and Country.

  • Alaska -a beautiful state
  • Colorado – Been there – no need to go back
  • Washington DC- the center of hell
  • New Hampshire-
  • New Jersey-
  • New York- left there 50 years ago
  • New Mexico-
  • Oregon- Wanting to be the sickest of all
  • Virginia- Governor is sick

President Trump has more courage than the church.

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