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Democrats handed us the 2018 Election

Today CNN and all left media are countering #mobRule. It had to counter facts on the ground. Starting with Congressman Scalise, Judge Kavanagh and until now the left is an angry #Mob. The democrat’s were ready to take over America in 2018. Throw out the constitution, Bill of Rights, most law enforcement, and of course all Christian values. What we have seen is the hate that is really a part of the Democratic Party. The Left has taken it over. I am independent just like Donald Trump and will be sending funds to him and Dean Heller, because finally Republicans are learning to fight of America. We are very close to Virginia City in the 1850 and Mob Rule was in every Gold mining town.

Democrats have screwed the pouch as they say. They have created a very hostile environment and are un willing to debate anything. The party as a whole has sunk so far left the our politics are view by the world as near 3rd Whole. Americans are tired of the hate aminating from the left and it is criminal how they are treat fellow Americans.


#MobRuleDemocrats from OldSchoolCool

Virginia City Shootout.

CNN fighting against MobRule

Portland -the ugliest place in America

Ben Garrison always has it right

If you have moment visit his site!

America under Dems
America under Dems

Tweet I sent

I love it #MobRuleDemocrats are now getting a taste of #politically– what it means to go too far.

— Dan Frantz (@DanFrantz) October 18, 2018

Another nasty soros tactit.

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