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Pray For America #pray4usa2day

As Americans we say we believe in God, but do we. In reading the King James Bible, we see in Paul’s epistles that faith in Jesus’ death on the cross, and his resurrection plus his word is essential.In book of John we the word is God. The belief in word of God is as essential is the death on the cross and his resurrection. But many Christians rule out his word as non applicable to our current life. The Bible tells us differently. In the last few years I have been studying the bible as a whole and each day I find new truths that guide me. Some of these verses I have read many times before.

Timing is everything. The bible is written based on Gods timing. He reveals truths when man is able to accept them. Also there is our timing with God. Many of us are babes in Christ. So all of the truths God has for us aren’t revealed when we accept him as Lord and Savior. We must learn the values of God thru reading, fellowship, and Prayer. Prayer being the most valuable. Be thankful. The bible say always be thankful. Thankful for what God has done. Then make known your concerns to God. Continue daily in your reading of Gods Word expecting an answer. Remember Timing and another aspect is Gods will on our Will-alignment. Reading helps with this.

Today, we are faced with what the world is calling a Pandemic, Covid-19, Many people could die from this. My hope is that those that die,  have accepted Christ as there Lord. My other hope is that those who have it and not die, remember God is always ready to accept new believers.  The Bible once again tells about fear of Death. When You have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior that fear is gone. Bible speaks about God”s Love, will, soul and external life. A Great Hope.

There are many of you who have turned away from God, I hope you reconsider. God’s love is waiting for you. As Americans, we are all products living in a God fearing nation. But lately God is in second or third place. Our leaders are chosen by God. Support them in Prayer. When this is over, find your local church or local Bible Study and be prepared to fellowship and share what God has done in this crisis for you.

Here are some helps. I live by a bible study called. Through the Bible With Les Felding. 

Also go to Blue Letter Bible

The most important thing is to understand the Bible timeline


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