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Progressiveness vs Liberty and Freedom

Bill of Rights

Progressiveness vs Liberty and Freedom

This is the single most important thought that could cause America to split, and was thought of at the beginning of our nations forming over 200 years ago. Tyrannical Government vs Limited and liberty first and Free Government. Today we are on the edge of falling into the complete removal of American Values as we knew it to be. The identity of America was about to be swallow up by the left (far Left) and just be an unknown entity tied to the world order and ruled by the so called UN. The world thought they could steel our wealth and all that we are without even firing a shot.

And if it wasn’t for Donald J Trump it would have happen. America would be just another peg in the World Order Domain. But not all is well, because that movement almost pulled it off with the election of Hillary. And we are seeing there power being displayed daily againt the Make America Great Movement. The Left didn’t want America Great again. They wanted to do away with our constitution and move into puppet hood of World Order.

Deep State Swamp
Deep State Swamp

Many Nations were blind to what was happening and by the Make America Great Again movement, they are seeing there is a way to keep our Identity and still be active in the world system. We have a crowd called the deep state swamp here in America and they also are around the world. Some other countries are getting wise about the deep state swamp in their country.

As I said at the beginning, we are edge of losing our Identity that made us a Great Nation. As Americans we need put “In God we Trust” to work and to Pray to God #PRY4DJT and #PRY4USA to save our Nation from falling into the abyss.

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One thought on “Progressiveness vs Liberty and Freedom”

  1. In God we Trust. We as country have tried living without God and we have seen our nation take hits to our identity, our constitution, and our soul. We as a country are paying the cost, where we see our nation struggle to live. Divisions are deep, values are whatever media wants to play them. We do need to trust in God!

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