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Same ole Same ole


Same ole Same ole- stunk a year and half ago -stinks worse now!

After a year and half Russian Collusion to Russiagate to Obamagate. Adam Schiff, Soros’ henchman has promoted the Russian Collusion fakenews to cover up the crimes against American people, spying on Trump using 17 government agencies to destroy his election.

Of course they failed to defeat the Trump bid to be our President. But this deep state insurgency has much deep rooted power and the cover up continues to unfold each day.

Deep State Swamp

Deep State Swamp
Deep State Swamp

In we have several articles on this topic. Also have posted several articles at too. We must #pry4djt because there is much hatred out there wanting to destroy this presidency at any cost.

So same ole same ole sound mundane, and hopeless, but it’s not. So much has and is coming out everyday. So much smoke and mirrors to cover lies and crimes.

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2 thoughts on “Same ole Same ole

  1. Now we are at two years of Russian collusion and there still is no case to be made. Instead of Trump being at fault, it appears we have a much worse case than Nixon had using government agencies to spy on candidate Trump. At we go into detail prior to the election of many evil deed then. And many of us thought and I still do think that if hillary we elected America as it has been for 200+ years would be gone. Everyday this shows to be more true than we ever thought

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