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9/11 Remembered Viet Nam Forgotten

9/11 and Viet Nam, What a difference! It is good to see as a nation we honor the people who died at #9/11. But don't forget those of the Viet Nam war and others wars too. Many of them still fight to live each day. Each day I am reminded by the unsung hero's of Viet Nam. Many more are gone. They are in my neighborhood, at my church and online. The cost far exceeded 9/11, but because of the Jane Fonda's of the world we tried hide those cost. We say because of the 3000 American lost lives in one day on American soil, this is the worse disaster. But what about all the men lost in the various offensives carried out in View Nam. This was a war for good reason, but because of politics was turned into a war of no value. We paid a heavy cost, but the people of Southeast Asia paid the ultimate pric...

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