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We have crossed the line!

#America has crossed the line!Headed for #Anarchy What we are seeing is a path to total anarchy! I tweeted this today. By the way tweety is useless.  But was able to gather my thoughts. I know this will go no where, but it here it is, THE #Dems AND #ABC #CBS #NBC #CNN ARE NOT JUST FIGHTING FOR #Election2020. THEY HAVE DECLARED WAR AND ARE USING EVERY MEANS TO DESTROY TRUMP. THEY HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO BE LIERS ON JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING AMERICA STANDS FOR. I THINK WE HAVE CROSSED THE LINE OF NO RETURN. THEY ARE SETTING US UP FOR #Anarchy BY REMOVING COPS, KILLING JESUS CHRIST, USING GOVERNEMENT POWERS TO HUSH THE PEOPLE AND HID THEIR SCREWUPS SO WE FINALLY HIT THE NAIL O...

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