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Free Certs are Complicated and Costly

Free Certs are Complicated and Costly Free Internet is Gone. IETF has made a nightmare out of our free internet. I use Comodo Free certs with my blogs on Bluehost. It stinks! My sites have been down for almost a month resolving this issue. Really they weren't down, but because my certs weren't current the new browsers blocked traffic from seeing them. In the last 6 month while using Comodo certs, my site have been down more than anytime over the last 10 years. Every three month I have to go through a renewal process for all 10 of hosted websites. While the renew is occurring, my sites are down. Nothing free about it. Hours of wasted time. Another IETF nightmare ruling or inability to control!!! From what I can see as a webmaster,  rulings made by IETF are not to maintain a free

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