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USA Today Red Map of America. Update 2018 Election: A Blue change not a wave. Strategically Trump knew he couldn't save the House, he put his assets into the Senate races and added to the number in the Senate. He lost the house to the Democrats. What is shown in both 2016 and 2018 is Democracy failing to represent half of America that don't live in cities. Here in Nevada we see that all the time. What ever Las Vegas votes for, we in the rest of the state have to swallow. We are expecting high taxes, gun control and other stupid moves. Nevada is a poor state except around Las Vegas and some around Reno. But since California paid millions in the 2018 election to enslave the state, 90% of the Nevadans don't have voice. And ruling party "dems" are in the back pockets of California "Dems"

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