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Pray for DJT

Pray for our President and his family. #Pry4DJT What did Bill O'Reilly expect President Trump to say when asked if Putin is a killer. In DJT big picture was more important. If we in America continue this battle that Obama/Clinton has inflamed with Russia, then the world's days maybe numbered. To call Putin a killer does nothing to start a conversation that may resolve issues in this world. But it did increase Bill's ratings. Deliberately narrow-minded question leaving DJT to answer poorly. Being an inexperienced politician and trusting Bill O'Reilly not to trap him, lead DJT to be off guard. Donald knows what kind of man Putin is and he knows about some of the dirty games played in the past by our country. When we see how far the dems will go to win ie, wikileaks, and discr...

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