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Which Witch-Hunt has Merit

Which Witch-Hunt has Merit Wiretaps or Russian Connection First, the focus on FISA is not the only way to tap American phone lines. Based on FISA guidelines, this is not the way this would happen. Reporters need to look outside the box. Its is very clear to me where the President is going with the Tweets for the this weekend. He is using sources the Dems are using to keep the Russian Connection arguments in the forefront, to hold the presidency hostage, preventing his plans from moving forward. The articles are from the same media sources that has continually been generating a false narrative about the Russian Connection. President Trump is being held hostage by events created by Obama surrogates within his administration and the media. On top of all this, the NYT is callin

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Trump is Moving Ahead

President Trump is Moving Ahead with Promises Made. This week he has moved forward on Russia, Mexico, Obama care, Abortion, and The Wall. All in a week. Amazing Start! Ben Garrison pictured the inauguration in this Cartoon below. Click on it to see many more and end up at his site. The events leading up to the Inauguration showed how deprived we American in the USA have become. CNN was the worse, I would call close to treason. But despite the negative American, Donald J Trump was sworn in and is now our President. What a week it has been. After one week, the world is waiting for the next move, just like every American.   ...

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