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Milestone in American History!

Today's Milestone Unemeployment the lowest in American History! New York Times can't believe the numbers and for the first time in history, they don't have any words to describe it. Wall street Journal tweet below. "Great again" means another 223K jobs in May and the lowest #unemployment rate since the turn of the century: #TrumpTrain #JobsReport #economy #jobs — Michael Johns (@michaeljohns) June 1, 2018 Forbes says it too! #Unemployment drops to 3.8% during the month of May. — Compdata Surveys & Consulting (@CompdataSurveys) June 1, 2018 Here is a tweet by the numbers! May job gains beat expectations, unemployment rate hits 18-year low | @MylesUdland on @YahooFinance#JobsReport #StockMarket #Employment #nonfar

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