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Trump A Conservative by Tasks

Trump a Conservative by tasks completed, a Noisy Politician by Daily Actions.

Trump daily actions are deliberate and necessary to conduct the changes he wants to accomplish. Each day we see his Loud mouth distracting everyone from the goals he seeks to accomplish. The media and the left jump on every word he says, but behind the scenes he moves his goals toward completion each day.

Trump doing Great things 4 Conservatives.

When I made my choice for Donald Trump in 2016, I never thought his success would be this good. And what an eye opener. Everyday more is exposed of a corrupt government and media what really appears to be a one party rule for many years prior to Donald Trump. And what would have been, a total destruction of American values if the election was different.

What has Trump done?

The answers are many and I  will take some time to list them here.

What has Previous Leadership Done?

What harm has happened thru previous presidents, both republican and democrat. When you add the efforts of the past, its hard to see who was harming America more. If it wasn’t for the extreme left, the parties would appear to have the same goals and Americans were not a part that goal. Everyday we see how our government sold us down the river, to a point where we may still become dust in the wind. Our wealth, honor, freedoms are being given away at an alarming rate. Even our Internet and all the information that made the internet has been given away as seen be this Cartoon by Ben Garrison.


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