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America and the Cross #Pray4USA2Day

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I changed the name on this web site to fit more closely to what I want to accomplish. When I started USALive.Today, I was interested in recording how a change was badly needed in American Politics to save this nation. Those articles are included below before Dec 2018.

All new articles are a hope and prayer that America would see that “In God we Trust” has meaning and purpose.  And I hope as Americans we would find that meaning. The hope for that change started with God electing Trump as our President. I say that because, many churches and people were in prayer for that election. Since then, we have seen every corrupt condition know to man, thrown at this President.

We Americans still have a Choice and be Free
We Americans still have a Choice and be Free

Everyday since the election they (the Left) have throw so much garbage and dreamed up so many lies, that it only shows the deepness of the corruption and how critical this election was. Don’t get me wrong, Donald Trump was no angel in the past. But he knows nthe importance of God and the value of people praying for him. God is using him daily. America is turning and we are in very rough waters. Which comes to the most important thing Christians can do #Pray4USA2day (

President Trump lost the Republican majority in the House, which was not unexpected. However, he gained more seats in the Senate, which was not expected.

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